Mountain is Kristina Chan’s second full length choreographic work (following on from A Faint Existence ). Mountain is an exploration of time and movement. The flash of a human life span relative to the time it takes for a Mountain to form. It is also an expression of structures that are invisible to us because we are inside them, or too close to see them.Creating the imagery for Mountain was inspired by the play of light on water particles and the horizontal lines in the space describe the topography of a landscape we can’t quite see. Kris works with images and collaborating with her, I want to make images that are invisible. or which move in an out of perception.


Choreographer and Performer: Kristina Chan

Composer: James Brown

Designer: Clare Britton

Lighting: Matt Marshall

Dramaturge: Victoria Hunt

Producer: Performing Lines 

Photos: Joshua Morris

Commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre